My 3 tips to better organized

Here is my answer to Nina, those are 3 steps to follow, I hope they can help you.

  • Become aware of what is happening and what is happening

  • Choose and define your priorities

  • Make a plan and stick to it

First step : awareness

Awareness is already the first step. Awareness of the fact that we spend our time running, awareness also and especially how we use his time. In my online workshop In September I get organized, it's the first part of what we work together. Become aware of the burden on our shoulders, activities that make sense to us and provide the best for our business and for ourselves and our family. Become aware of everything that is parasitic, too.

You would be surprised to see, for example, the time you spend on social networks. The more they take up space in our lives, the more people feel they are overwhelmed ... Not surprising the French, for example, spend an average of 1 hour 20 per day on social networks. On a working day of 8 hours, that's a lot! Youtube, Facebook and Instagram have recently put in place tools to "control the time spent", with, for example on Youtube, the ability to alert if you exceed a certain time. I highly recommend it.

Step two : make choices

The day is only 24 hours, we know. We can not do everything, we know it too. As I often say to my clients in the context of our private coaching, the primary role of an entrepreneur is not to do, but to choose what we will do and take responsibility for it.

Our primary role as an entrepreneur is not to do, but to choose what we will do and take responsibility for it.
— Clarisse LIBENE

Our primary role as an entrepreneur is not to do, but to choose what we will do and assume it.

Making choices about activities and tasks means knowing how to set priorities and how to maneuver your business. It's defining a strategy and not deviating from it. Unfortunately, we women have been conditioned to please everyone and not to say no. It was a great learning for me to learn to say no and go beyond the fear of being judged as selfish, like a bad mother, like a "too ambitious" woman. When I learned to really get rid of people's eyes on me, I was able to move forward and do what I want, when I want it. My productivity has literally increased tenfold. My creativity too. As our friend Beyonce I'ma Grooooooown says so well I can do what EVER I want!

Step three : make a plan and stick to it

Bintou Camara, the founder of the cosmetics brand Biolissime, told us in the live that we had with her the importance of anticipating, to see far for oneself and for her team. In the online workshop, I give you the basics to review your organization year-round, weekly and daily. If you are not registered yet, I really recommend it, it really makes all the difference. Sometimes we have so much head on the handlebar that we can not consider doing things differently. Sometimes we are not aware of certain resources that we have at our disposal to relieve us in our business. One of the most important helpers in the growth of my business was the recruitment of a virtual assistant 2 years ago. I never thought it possible. And yet it exists.

Once one has imagined his new organization, the hard part is to stick to it.

Yesterday, with one of my clients, I got in touch with her after 3 months of managing her time in autonomy.  She told me how hard it had been to keep up with her new organization and how useful the parades I gave her to say no in an elegant way had been. Do not hesitate to call on us to help you, take an outside look at your organization and help you move your business to the next level!