Your hair is in good general condition but you may encounter some difficulties:

  • Keep hydration along the week

  • To preserve your lengths,

  • With dull and softened hair or,

  • A dry and sensitive scalp  

My advice for maintaining hydration throughout the week :

  • Limit the amount of shampoo used and favor soft washing bases

  • Find a good moisturizer

  • Drinking enough water

My tips to help you RETAIN lengths

  • Think of protective hairstyles

  • Also avoid elastics, headbands and other poor quality accessories

  • Discover the benefits of hot oil treatments

  • Massage your scalp regularly

  • Forget about heat or other heavy chemical treatments

  Where to start?

I am quite aware that the number of things to do may seem insurmountable. Do not be discouraged ! Just a few things to readjust your routine and reveal the maximum of your hair potential!

I sincerely encourage you to schedule your call with me. I will go deeper with you to analyse your routine and give you the first tips to help your reach your hair goals. It’s totally free.