Yes She Came

Yes She Came


A black woman’s journey through luv & lust

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Sex is such a taboo subject within the African Diaspora. Whether you are a Black woman based in Dakar, Paris, Dallas or Kingston, it is hard for us women to talk openly about our sexuality.

Seen, perceived and used as sexual objects for centuries, we have been denied the right to cum. To receive orgasms. To be pleased. To be loved.

Yes She Came is here is to provide you with a new way to see your sexuality and sensuality. To trigger parts of you you’ve been denying. To launch a conversation with your friends, family members, your man maybe, but most importantly with yourself.

To change this internal dialog, that song you keep repeating over and over again. That song that says you are not enough or perhaps too much. That you do not deserve to live the sexual life you aspire to have. Because GOOD sex is an essential part of life, a sacred act, moment, that we all have the right to live.

From Anjou with Love