Glowing skin in the winter

Glowing skin in the winter

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Discover how to establish a face and body routine adapted to the winter months thanks to the plants and oils of the African pharmacopoeia.


Winter is coming!

A season often conducive to the winter blues, especially for us women!

The fault of the lack of sun, iron hurt by the menstrual cycles of the year, the accumulated fatigue, the stress of the return.

During this workshop live on Facebook, I will make you discover how to spend the winter and avoid the seasonal depression thanks to the plants and treasures of Africa.

What you will learn

  • How to do your self diagnosis skin, body

  • How to create your custom face and body skincare ritual for the winter

  • My Recommendations for products, plants and spices

What you will receive

  • A 1H30 video online course

  • Access to my private coaching group beauty by Clarisse

  • A recapitulative ritual sheet with the advice given during the workshop and useful links to get the findings seen during the workshop.