About Clarisse

My name is Clarisse Bilongo Libene, Holistic therapist, speaker, writer and coach since 2008. Based in France, I have helped thousands of people discover their natural beauty through my blog, books and events among which the Natural Hair Academy, the first European event dedicated to the beauty of women of color that I have co-founded.

In 2015, I started my practice as a business coach, helping women in Europe and Africa launch and grow their businesses, initiating the Afropreneuses movement.

As a coach and therapist, I help my clients in the process of getting free from what blocks them, makes them suffer and hinders them.

My practice, deeply rooted in my African heritage is centered on active listening, exchange, kindness and energetic work. I offer a sacred space giving you the opportunity to freely express everything you feel and your concerns.

I also ask you a lot of questions to help you go further. I talk a lot with you throughout our interview.I often suggest practical exercises to do between each session.

Finally, I recommend and guide you in the use of plants, oils and rituals from African traditions to purify you from within, release energies, move forward and find a happy, fulfilling personal, professional and sexual life.

Happy mother of two and divorced, I decided to settle in Anjou, France, where I now offer my services globally.

Clarisse Bilongo Libene