Clarisse LIBENE
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August 15th - 18th

Anjou France


The world is changing. Black Women are changing. All around the world.

Black Women are removing one by one all of the fears, blocks and limiting beliefs that were preventing them to be the women they aspire to be.Black women are opening the mouths. Black Women are building communities. Black Women are getting free.

We believe in the power of entrepreneurship as a tool to gain freedom. Financial Freedom, Spiritual Freedom.

We believe in the power of communities to heal.

We believe in the power of the Black Women to transform the world

This is for the women who have been through hell and who have decided to make their freedom a priority.

This place is for you sis’

Welcome home


The vision 

Building a launching a business requires to follow a method. It requires strong foundations, it requires a clear vision, it requires tools, it requires energy.

Our mission is to hold your hand during this process, and give you the appropriate environment, motivation, inspiration in your journey

The expertise

Intuitive Business Coach and Holistic practitioner since 2010, my work is to use all of the tools in my power and techniques learned in my 15 year old career to help you get where you want to be.

Afropreneuses Summit 

A safe space for black women to share their experience in a true and authentic way.

I truly believe in the power of stories as transformational tools, both as the listener and as the teller.

Spend the day with us, meet your sisters, hear their stories and make yours!

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We believe in business and entrepreneurship as a transformational tool. When you launch and grow a business, you necessarily have to dive deep into all aspects of your life. Relationships, Money, Dreams and Aspirations, Community, Motherhood. You have to look at yourself in the mirror. Forget the person you were. And accept to become the woman you want to be.

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